Hardie Board-Exterior Paint and Repairs


— And Then Some —

1964 House Cabinets refitted for a 2017 Super-Sonic overhead Microwave — Refinishing and guitar setups?   “NO PROBLEMO AMIGO-A”


Whether weather-related water damage or cabinet re-fitting for appliance modifications — we can do it –img_1318

It’s never fun coming home tired, dirty, and even muddy sometimes to find you have no water pressure to shower with — or even worse – it’s all over the floor. We Do Emergency Fixes.img_1407img_1413img_1402img_1409

img_1365 img_1379 img_1388

Security Systems

Need an upgraded surveillance system? Or need a new one installed?  Handyman’s Hardware can clean up those bulky, bundles of clustered cables and dust catching DVR network devices for you.img_1225Out with the old and in with the new – not only improves the closet space but also the targeted view.  “Blog post images blurred for identification purposes.”img_1307img_1286img_1285
img_1243img_1276 img_1303

img_1287 img_1304-2 img_1306-2

Other Side of Duplex

img_1104Actually, it’s the same side, but, —”Inside” of the earlier post titled “Out of the Blue” Exterior Paint. I was on such a deadline on this one I not only forgot to take before pics, but, raced frantically one step ahead of the new tenants to snap these few quick images. 


You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say these pics show little of the drastic transformation that took place in this apartment — after hours of patching, sanding and painting, that is.


Front Bedroom ( full sunlight )

And they don’t show a 10th of what actually being there reveals, but, they are the best I am able to share. By the way, the interior paint color is the same in every picture and room. The light tends to contrast the shades beautifully depending on the time of day.


Fireplace (Back Side of Duplex )

Depending on the front of the house, the direction of the window light, and whether shades are drawn, etcetera — as you can see, it’s one color, with much variety and contrast. ( Olympic Assure Brand) — ( Coast of Maine Color )


Additional Images Added 12/2/*16