Who Put That There?

Who put that there?
100_1509The first guy who decided it a scientifically wise move to put the A/C unit in the attic ultimately could shoulder the blame for this water damaged ceiling — but — unfortunately, he doesn’t live there. A C Unit in Attic

If there are half a dozen technical reasons to put an A/C unit, and its duct work in a one hundred plus degree attic — i.e., Heat transfer, concealment, etc. there are at least a baker’s dozen reasons not to. The ensuing photos are only a few of those reasons. 100_1513This came from a small leak in an attic mounted A/C unit. 100_1512

Without going into the many places an attic mounted A/C unit can leak, and assuming those reading are resolved to the cost-effective reasons it must remain there — I  can’t emphasize enough importance of inspecting or having the unit serviced regularly by a reliable, certified —

HVAC Service Provider. 100_1520

Failure to detect and repair even the slightest drip from one of the many places a unit can leak could result in very costly, catastrophic, and — worse — even dangerous circumstances.

6 thoughts on “Who Put That There?

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  2. When I was on the condo board we had problems with leaks from the cable satellite and AC unit repairmen. They left brackets and screws and other small metal pieces on the roof. Then these guys would walk all over this stuff puncturing the covering over the concrete roof slabs. The building was old and if there were line cracks in the slab the rain water would find its way through to the ceilings of the top level apartments. You could not merely patch because the water would find its way to cracks the length of the whole building. Thanks for all your recent visits and likes.


    • Oh, I see you are in North Carolina.In January of 2015 we moved from Miami to Greensboro. What a delightful positive change in people, places and things here and I don’t mind the cold, the change in seasons is refreshing. However, raking up what seems 500 million tons of leaves in the fall is a lotta work !


  3. Yes, I have to sweep all the roofs I coat off good first, and lots of scraping molds etc. Oh, welcome to God’s Country then… although, it does get colder on that end of the state there up close to Virginia than it does here in the southeast. But there’s going to be weather wherever we are.
    Thanks for the visit.


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