Dream Paint

You dream of walking into your living room and seeing it exactly as you’ve seen it on the teleprompter of your mind for years. Right? So why are you still dreaming ? You know what you want — how you want it to look — and how you want others to see it. So, transpose that dream image into reality.

If you’re undecided on the right color for your walls, trim, or doors, — begin by reflecting on the color of your floors. Seriously, if your dream room is a masterpiece on the easel of your imagination it can be a tangible Picasso right there in your own home. In fact, it will be better than a Picasso because it will be your own original The Village At Indian Springscreation.

Think about it — If your dream scheme is destined to be a true work of art — you’re gonna need a great backdrop — and that’s exactly what your wall paint will provide for you.

Be sure to experiment when choosing your trim colors as darker colored trimmed rooms can seem smaller, and closed in — but, there are accommodating alternatives to match and complement your furniture, fixtures, fireplaces, and even pillows.

Start by collecting images of wall hangings, pillows, furniture, and rugs. In fact, you should create a “Moodboard” to arrange collected images and colors you’re most drawn to on and begin contrasting them to the background and trim.
This doesn’t have to be a professional “Moodboard,” although, there are awesome websites that will give you the tools and some awesome tips, and tricks of the trade.

Two of the greatest of these sites, and not only because they’re free, are Pinterest and GoMoodboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start scheming your dream paint design today.

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